Girls Under Glass - When I Think About You tab

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Date: Mon, 8 Jul 1996 12:39:57 -0500 (CDT)
From: Avelino Andretti Benavides 
Subject: TAB: When I Think About You by Girls Under Glass

 --          CRD,TAB: When I Think About You by Girls Under Glass
 This song begins with a goth-church organ with
 the same chords as guitar plays the main riff.

Main riff C#m E(7th fret) A(5th fret) G#m E--------------4--------------7--------------5--------------4----| B--------------5--------------9--------------5--------------4----| G--------------6--------------9--------------6--------------4---*| D--------------6--------------9--------------7--------------6---*| A--------------4--------------7--------------7--------------6----| E--------------4--------------7--------------5--------------4----|
Power Chords C#5 E5 A5 G#5 E-------------------x---0--x--x---||--------------------| B-------------------x---0--x--x---||--------------------| G-------------------x---9--x--x--*||--------------------| D-------------------11--9--7--6--*||--------------------| A-------------------11--7--7--6---||--------------------| E-------------------9---0--5--4---||--------------------|
The song goes mainly this way: Intro: The song enters with keyboards, you can go ahead with the main riff sweeping slowly the chords. Verses: Follow the song with the power chords, try sliding as much as possible. Chorus: Strum the chords in the main riff. lyr: When i think [C#m] about you, when i close [E]my eyes [A]... Easy song to play and wonderful to jam with. More Goth Band Tabs, info, comments, additions, sugestions at: Email: or BBS: Deadcandance &
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