Glee Cast – Papa Dont Preach chords

Hey Guys and Girls. This is the first tab I have ever done so hopefully it
will be of some use to someone. This song was originally performed by
Madonna and then later covered by Kelly Osbourne. I saw this version while
watching Glee. Its a great acoustic solo song in its simplicity. I hope you
enjoy it. If you do please rate it. You only need to play the first three
strings of each chord and you the strumming pattern is easy enough to 
figure out.

   Fm    Eb    Db    Eb/C  Eb/Bb Fm*   Fm/C  Eb/Bb Db/Ab Bbm
e  1     6     4     6     6     8     x     x     x     6
B  1     8     6     8     8     9     9     8     6     6
G  1     8     6     8     8     10    10    8     6     6
D  3     8     6     8     8     10    10    8     6     8
A  3     6     4     x     x     8     x     x     x     8
E  1     x     x     8     6     x     x     x     x     6

Verse 1

FmPapa I know you're going to be upset
EbCause I was always your little girl
Db Eb Eb/C Eb/BbBut you should know by now, I'm not a baby
FmYou alway taught me right from wrong
EbI need your help daddy please be strong
Db Eb Eb/C Eb/BbI may be young at heart but I know what I'm saying
Db EbThe one you warned me all about
Db EbThe one you said I could do without
Db EbWe're in an awful mess and
Fm*I don't mean maybe
Db EbPlease
Fm/C Eb/Bb Db/AbPapa don't preach
Db/Ab Eb/Bb Fm/CI'm in trouble deep
Fm/C Eb/Bb Db/AbPapa don't preach
Db/Ab Eb/Bb Fm/CI've been losing sleep
BbmBut I've made up my mind
Fm/C Eb/Bb Db/Ab And I'm keeping my baby
Db/Ab Eb/Bb Fm/Cooooooooooooooooooooohh
Fm/C Eb/Bb Db/Ab I'm going to keep my baby
Outro Db/Ab Eb/Bb Fm/C And thats how easy it is. Enjoy
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