Glen Burtnick – Watching The World Go By tab

Song: "Watching The World Go By" 
Album: Palookaville (1996)
Artist: Glen Burtnick

capo at 2nd fret, basic travis pick
travis pick for a D chord:

e|--------x-----------|B|---------------x----|G|-----------x--------|D|----x---------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|(base, 1st, 3rd, 2nd)
chords: D: xx0232 A11: x02030 G: 320003 Asus2: x02200 Em: 022000 D/C#: x20232 I wipe the [D]dreams from my [A11]eyes, face the [G]morning [Asus2]outside [Em]And I wake up, [Asus]watching the [A11]world go [D]by. I see the [D]sun and the [A11]rain from my [G]seat on the [Asus2]train [Em]Through the window, [Asus2]watching the [A11]world go [D]by. [D/C#]And I look on [G]at the day unfolding [D/C#]And the traffic [G]going [Asus2]nowhere [A11] (strum A11) Gazing [D]out on the [A11]street and the [G]faces I [Asus2]meet [Em]Everyday [Asus2]watching the [A11]world go [D]by. There are [D]those who dont [A11]stop for the [G]hands on the [Asus2]clock [Em]They dont see the [Asus2]way the [A11]time can [D]fly Always [D]running [A11]behind with so [G]much on their [Asus2]minds As for [E]me, I'm [G]watching the [Asus2]world go [D]by. [D/C#]And through it all [G]with the hours passing [D/C#]Everybody [G]rushing [Asus2]somewhere. [A11] (strum A11) [D]They're all moving so [A11]fast trying [G]hard to get [Asus2]past As I [Em]stand [Asus2]watching the [A11]world go [D]by. [D] [A11] [G] [Asus2] [E] [G] [Asus2] [D] x2 [D/C#]And in the end [G]when the day is over [D/C#]When I ask myself just [G]where the [Asus2]world is [A11]going. (strum A11) What's been [D]lost? What's been [A11]gained? Have our [G]lives really [Asus2]changed? Then I [Em]laugh, and [Asus2]sometimes [A11]I wanna [D/C#]cry [Asus2]Watching the [A11]world go [D]by. [D] [A11] [G] [Asus2] [E] [Asus2]Watching the [A11]world go [D]by.
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