Glen Burtnick - Bam tab

"BAM!" by Glen Burtnik from his latest album, Welcome To Hollywood

Intro: [ Am E/B Am G ]x2

(Am)You scratched and (E/B)clawed your way un(Am)til you rose to (G)this 
(Am)You screwed the (E/B)powerful and (Am)finished with a (G)kiss
(Am)Walking a(E/B)mong the giants
(Am)Those measley (G)weasels who would 
(Am)treat you like your (E/B)ass was (Am)divine

(Am)An endless (E/B)cavalcade of (Am)egocentric (G)clowns
(Am)Each with their (E/B)secret wish to (Am)kick you when you're (G)down
(Am)But you worked the (E/B)best agenda
(Am)you put the (G)pen to paper
(Am)waiting for the (E/B)fireworks to (Am)fly

And then (Am)BAM! 
you're (E/B)everywhere
from The (Am)New York Times to (G)Vanity Fair
it's a (Am)scam
You let 'em (E/B)kiss the ring
taking (Am)everyone, takin (G)everything
Cuz you (Am)can
cos you (E/B)copped a groove
And (Am)everybody's waiting on your (G)every move
You're the (Am)man with the (E/B)trophy girl
And you're (Am)sitting on top of the (G)goddam (Am)world.

(Am)You think it's funny (E/B)squeezing (Am)money into (G)fame
(Am)You're shaking (E/B)hands your kicking (Am)ass you're playing (G)games
(Am)They'll want the (E/B)tv movie
(Am)You'll sell the (G)rights
Make sure the (Am)story paints you (E/B)glamo(G)rous

Then (Am)Bam!
You're (E/B)everywhere
From (Am)Rolling Stone to (G)Marie Claire
It's a (Am)scam
And they (E/B)kiss the ring
Taking (Am)everyone for (G)everything
Cuz you (Am)can
Cuz you (E/B)turn the screws
And (Am)half the planet waits for you to (G)bust a move
You're the (Am)man
with the (E/B)silicone girl
And you're (Am)sitting on top of your (G)own damn (Am)world

Instrumental Break:

Am E/B Am Ge[---------------------------------------------------------]B[-------------1-----------0------------1------------0-----]G[----------2-----------1------------2------------0--------] x4D[-------2-----------2------------2------------0-----------]A[----0-----------2------------0---------------------------]E[------------------------------------------3--------------]
(Am)Won't need to (E/B)eat, won't need to (Am)drink, won't need to (G)sleep (Am)Someone will (E/B)find you and they'll (Am)pray your soul to (G)keep (Am)Your blood will (E/B)trickle over (Am)But you know your (G)fans will hold a (Am)candlelight (E/B)vigil for (Am)you (Am)BAM! You're (E/B)everywhere From (Am)Jerry Springer to (G)Hollywood Squares And then (Am)damn You won't be (E/B)anywhere As if you (Am)dropped off the planet vanished (G)into thin air It's a (Am)drag, too bad They'll auction (E/B)off your clothes And the (Am)best kept secret is that (G)everybody knows It's a (Am)scam you're the man with the (E/B)strung out girl and you're the (Am)statue at the top of your (G)empty little (Am)world Repeat the instrumental sequence a few times and end on Am Check out his website at
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