Alone Apart (Marketa Irglova)
The Swell Season

Em	D	C

Em		D		C
How many times have I been here
How many times was I lost
And how many times I'd be lost in the sea
If you weren't there to rescue me 

	Bm  Cm   Bm  C	D	C
We're sailing, sailing every night
We're drifting, drifting alone apart
	Bm			C
Not to show that we're in need
	D			Em	D	C
But I'd heal your wounds if you bleed

Em	D	C

Em		D		C
How many times have I hurt you
How many times have you
And how many times I'd been on my knees
Begging, begging please 
	Em	D	C	Em	D	C
forgive me 


Em	D	C

C				G
Thank you for being so patient with me
		C		Em
I've been weaker than I ought to be
C				G
Despair and jealousy blinded my mind
		C		Em	       D	C
And I couldn't see how you're trying for me.

Em	D	C	Em

[Em]: [D]: e|–3––––-3–––-3––– e|-2––––-2––––-2––- B|–––5––––-5–––-5– B|––-3––––-3––––-3– G|–––––4––––-4–––– G|––––-2––––-2––––– D|–––––––––––––––- D|-0––––––––––––––-
A|–––––––––––––––- A|––––––––––––––––- E|-0–––––––––––––- E|––––––––––––––––-
[C]: [G]e|–––-––––––––––––-––-––––––––––––- e|––-––––-––––-B|–1––––-1––––-1––-3––––-1––––-0––- B|–0-––––0–-–––G|–––0––––-0––––-0–––0––––-0––––-0– G|–-–0––––-0–––D|–––––2––––-2––––-––––2––––-2––––- D|–-–––0––-––0–A|-3––––––––––––––-3––––––––––––––- A|–--–––––-––––E|––––––––––––––––-–––––––––––––––– E|–3–––––-––––-
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