Glen Hansard - The Storm Its Coming chords

Glen Hansard
The Storm, it's coming

Didn't bother tabbing every note so I just put how many time each chord is played 
underneath. Very good easy song!! This may not be perfect but I think it sounds just fine.


C Em F A Ge|--0--------0-------1-------x------3---------------------------------------|B|--1--------0-------1-------x------3---------------------------------------|G|--0--------0-------2-------x------4---------------------------------------|D|--2--------2-------3-------7------5---------------------------------------|A|--3--------2-------3-------7------5---------------------------------------|E|-----------0-------1-------5------3---------------------------------------| x4 x4 x4 x2 x2
F A Ge|---1---x---3---|B|---1---x---3---|G|---2---x---4---| X2D|---3---7---5---|A|---3---7---5---|E|---1---5---3---| x4 x2 x2
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