Glen Hansard – Bird Of Sorrow chords ver. 2

Glen Hansard – Bird of Sorrow                           Capo IV      

C Em AmEven if a day feels too long
You feel like you can wait another one You're slowly givin' up on everything
F C EmLove is gonna find you again
F Em AmLove is gonna find you, you better be ready then
You been kneelin' in the dark for far too long You've been waitin' for that spark, but it hasn't come Well I'm callin' to you, please, get off the floor A good heart will find you again A good heart will find you, just be ready then C Em Am 2x
FTethered to a bird of sorrow
dmA voice that's buried in the hollow
CYou've given over to self-deceivin'
EmYour prostrate bowed would not be leavin'
AmYou've squandered more than you could borrow
FYou've bet your joys on all tomorrows
CFor the hope of some returnin'
em amWhile everything around just burnin'
Come on, we gotta get out, get out of this mess we made And still for all our talk, we're both so afraid Well will we leave this up to chance, like we do everything? Love is gonna find us again Love is gonna find us, we gotta be ready then [Chorus] ... F
CBut I'm not leavin' you here
EmI'm not leavin' you here
Am FI'm not leavin'
C EmI'm not leavin', you here
am FI'm not leavin'
C emI'm not leavin', youe here
Am FI'm hangin' on
C EmI'm hangin' on oh
Am FFor What's gonna come
CI'm hangin' on now
EmHangin' on
AmHangin' on
FHangin' on
CHangin' on
EmHangin' on
Am FHangin' on
C EmWith the faith full
Am FI'm with the faith full
C EmI'm hangin' on
Am FFor What's gonna come
C Em Am FFor What's gonna come
C Hangin' on
Em Hangin' on
Am FThe faith full
C Em Am FThe faith full
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