Glen Hansard - The Storm Its Coming chords

Song:   The Storm, It's Coming
Album:  Rhythm and Repose (Deluxe Edition) (2012)
Artist: Glen Hansard

All chords are basic and can embellished with improvisation when playing. Listen 
to the song for strumming patterns, although this song is probably better finger-picked.

Standard tuning
No capo

C   332010
Em  022100
F*  133210
Am  002210
G   320003


C EmNaked from the feet
F Am G From the decade of the bees
COn a new road
Em F Am GWith no true know that see it
C EmThere's doubt in every face
F Am GAnd there's a liar on the stage
C And what good is it
Em F Am G If you don't hear him say of believing
F Am GEvery clap brings out a warning
F Am G C Em Get ready for the storm, it's coming
F Am GYeah, it's coming
C EmSo slap back in the face
F Am GFor a city county race
C EmAnd the coin drops in the box
F Am GDon't change the meter
F Am GThere's a storm and it's a raging
F Am GIn the belly of the slaving
C Em F Am GIt's coming, it's coming
C Em F Am GIt's coming, it's coming
F Am GAnd when the wind howls at your gate
F Am GAlready it is too late
C Em F Am GIt's coming, it's coming
End in C
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