Glen Phillips – Drive By tab

Tab: "Driveby" by Glen Phillips
Transcribed by michael a. mazur 

Capo IV


Verse: C||------------------------------------------|||------------1--------1-----------------1--|||*--------0--------0-----------0-----0-----|||*-----2--------2-----------2--------------|||---3--------------------3--------2--------|||------------------------------------------|
Am D/F# Dm|----------------------|----------------|--------1-----0--------||-----1-----0h1--------|----------3-----|-----------3-----3-----||--------2-------2-----|-------2-----2--|-----2--------------2--||-------------------2--|----0-----------|--0--------------------||--0-------------------|----------------|-----------------------||----------------------|/2--------------|-----------------------|
G 1. Cadd9 G|----------------||-----------------------------------|||-----0--1--3/5--||-----------3-----------------------|||-----0--0--2/4--||--------0-----0-----0-----0-------*|||-----0--0--3/5--||-----2-----------2--0--0--0h2--0--*|||----------------||--3--------------------------------|||--3-------------||--------------------3--------------||
2. C C7||--------------------------------||||-----------1--------1-----------||||--------0-----0--------0-----3--||||-----2-----------2--------2-----||||--3-----------------------------||||--------------------------------||
C i was the driver for the driveby of the neighbor's dog Am dad had always hated it D/F# and he said "come on son, Dm get into the vega now, G Cadd9 G and i'll go get my shotgun." it was a military holiday and kids were everywhere i hid behind the steering wheel and tried to disappear tried to speak but couldn't G C C7 dad was whistling and drinking beer Chorus: F and i prayed "dear god, G C G/B if you save this dog Am Dm i will never get high E Am i will never jack off Am/G F G C G/B i will do all the things that i should but have not F C G i'll be a good boy from now on" Verse: in this verse (and the last as well), the first repeat of the chord progression is omitted, and it ends on the C7 leading into the chorus as before. we turned around the corner soon and saw the neighbor's yard did lit up a cigarette and rolled his window down and grinning like an idiot he stuck his head and body out Chorus: and i prayed "dear god, if you save this dog i will never get high i will never jack off i will be all the things that i should but have not F E7sus4 Am Am/G i'll be a good boy from now on F C G i'll be a good boy from now on" Bridge: E7 E7sus4 well he popped in a shell Am G took aim with the gun Am G then a flash and a bang E/G# Am and the dog, it was gone... F C G jumped up and it ran away F C G dad had shot right through his chain E7 E7sus4 F G Verse: well dad said "take me to the dairy freeze i want to have a shake" we sipped them on the benches there and stared out on the lake and dad has never said another word about that day Chorus: and i hope you're not disappointed in me 'cause i still get high and i still jack off and you knew i was lying but you still saved that dog F B7 Am Am/G you're such a good god F C G you're such a good good god F B7 Am Am/G you're such a good goddamn backwards dog F and i'll be a good boy from now on
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