Glory Revealed - To The Only God tab

Glory Revealed is one band with members of other
bands and/or individual singers. Such as Mac Powel from Third Day,
Shane&Shane, Brian Littrell, Candi Pearson Shelton, Tim Neufeld from
Starfield. Also featuring Shawn Lewis from Hyper static union, and 
Mark Hall from Casting Crowns, AND MORE! all these people were great in
concert and if you didnt get to see them on tour you missed out because
it was a one time thing.

Any questions about the song below or about The band email me at  Thanks.

Capo 1st Fret


G        D/f      Em7
To the on - ly God
         C            G/B
who is a - ble to keep   us,
C            D
Able to keep  us from falling,
G        D/f     Em7
To the on - ly God

Verse Ending:

           C           G/B
be all glo - ry and hon - or,
Em7            A
Majesty and po - wer,
C                D                (G)1st time only
For all ages now   and forevermore.


C2       Dsus          C2    Dsus
             Forever - more.



Song Order:
Verse Ending
Verse Ending
Verse Ending
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