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Here is the Tab Sally Port Paddy found on G-man’s “G-force” Album
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Sally Port Paddy
Words and Music by Gary “gman” Wesselhoff
As Performed by gman Blues

h    = hammer
p    = pull off
b    = bend
(B7) = chord

(Amaj7) (D#m) (Fbm) (Bm) (E7) (Amaj7)

Sally Port Paddy
(Amaj7)              (D#m)    (Fbm)
1) When Paddy takes her pill,

(Bm)             (E7) (Amaj7)
she starts another day.

(Amaj7)              (D#m)                       (Fbm)
There’s Latte, and IB, and shower steam,

(Bm)             (E7)              (Amaj7)
to get back to that good good-day thing

(Bm)             (E7)              (Amaj7)    (Fbm)
Sun comes up, streams through the clouds

(Bm)             (E7)(Amaj7)    (Fbm)
Radio Samba playing loud 

(Bm)             (E7) (Amaj7) (E7)   (Fbm)
Can’t wait to board that train 

(Bm)             (E7) (Amaj7) (E7)   (Fbm)
‘cause Paddy feels no pain

(Bm)             (E7) (Amaj7) (E7)   (Fbm)

2) The others on the outside
can’t seem to break her stride.
Paddy’s got a secret that she can’t share
It saves her from her dark dark despair
Tropical rhythm steel drum band
Footprints washing in the sand
Deep Sleep ‘neath a coconut tree
Sail upon a summer breeze


(D#m)         (Fbm)
Nowhere a million miles away

(Bm)             (E7) (Amaj7)
from the world she left behind

(Fbm)  (Bm)
reality resigned

(D)                 (E7)
from the daily grind

(D#m)         (Fbm)
Somewhere away from anywhere

(Bm)        (E7)    (Amaj7)
common sense declined

(Fbm)  (Bm)
Paddy’s life consigned 

(D)                 (E7)
a word so damned unkind

3) Well then one day it all was real
It had that funky kind of feel
No reason to ever get out of bed
official report was Paddy was brain dead
sailed off somewhere warm and kind
slice of paradise in her mind
there was nowhere left to go
but swim out to the dolphin show

Copyright © 2005 Gary “g-man” Wesselhoff
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