Gob - Face The Ashes chords

Face The Ashes
Muertos Vivos
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F -  133211
G -  320003
Am - x02210
C -  x02210
Dm - xx0231
Bb - x13331
A -  x02220
Eb - x68886
G# - 466544

Intro: Drumbeats

F-Dm-Am--C-Dm-Am- x4
Guitar 2:e|---3-----3-----3-B|-1---1-1---1-1---G|-----------------D|----------------- x16A|-----------------E|-----------------
Verse 1:
F Dm AmI've just erased it's been a
F Gwhile I've got a world for sale
F Dm AmAnd now I walk away from it
F Git's better done secret
F Dm AmI never mouthed those words
F Gaway I wouldn't cause concern
F Dm AmDie in a crossfire runaway
F Gnone of this exists
Am Bb ASomeone is killing me
GTurn him away
Flay over there
EbHis limb is red
FI have all clear
GSettle the wave
FI'm on my way
EbDreaming of red
F G G# A Bbmemories are worst
Interlude: F-Dm-Am--C-Dm-Am- x2 Verse 2:
F Dm AmI feel abrasive worn and tired
F Gdon't think I could win
F Dm AmTake me to a place I adore
F Gand then seal me in
F Dm AmI'm not the one I swear I'm
F Gnot no matter how I felt
F Dm AmDie in a crossfire runaway
F Gface the ash again
Am Bb ASomeone is killing me
(Repeat Chorus)
Am Bb ASomeone is killing me
Outro: F-Dm-Am--C-Dm-Am- x4
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