Gob - Taken For Granted tab

Taken For Granted - gob
tabbed by: ryan b

***rest for guitars (0:00 - 0:05)***

Riff A: (3 times)G--------------|D-----------4--|A-----6-6-6----|E--4-----------|
Riff B: (once)A------------|E--55-4-3-2--|
Riff A: (3 times)
Riff C: (once)G------------|D--77-6-5-4--|A------------|E------------|
***break for guitar (0:16 - 0:17)***
Riff D: (3 times)A-----------22222222-44444444-----------|E--00000000-------------------44444444--|
Riff E: (once)A-----------22222222--------------------|E--00000000----------22222222-44444444--|
Riff D: (3 times) Riff E: (once) Riff D: (7 times) - From the 5th time on the song begins to really fade out
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