God Help The Girl - I Just Want Your Jeans tab


Chords in parenthesis are relative to a capo on the 8th fret.
Capo at 3 would work, but 8 sounds closest to the album, where
I think the guitarist is barring everything way up the neck.
The instrumental bridge is tabbed at the bottom.
Let me know if I made any mistakes.

The recording is a little flat, A=435ish, so youíll sound
a little off pitch unless you tune down accordingly.

Weird chords:
For the capo 8 chords, you can hold the Em shape and just
accent the higher notes, or only play the higher notes.

No capo Capo 8 Cm Cm/B Cm/Bb Cm/A Em Em/Eb Em/D Em/Db--8-----8-------8------8----- --0-----0-------0------0------|--8-----8-------8------8----- --0-----0-------0------0------|--8-----8-------8------8----- --0-----0-------0------0------|--10----9-------8------7----- --2-----1-------0------2------|----------------------------- -(2)---(2)-----(2)-----4------|----------------------------- -(0)---(0)-----(0)----(0)-----|
During the instrumental bridge, this is how I play the end with the capo
F Em B Em-1---0----0---0-----|-1---0----0---0-----|-2---0----4---0-----|-3---2----1---2-----| --------------2-----|--------------0-----|
C(E) My room faces north but the sunís in the south Eb(G) Iím just waking up to the news of my birth Gm(Bm) Bb(D) I am a girl and Iím lucky to be here Ab(C) Fm(Am) Whatever thatís worth C(E) Like an ostrich I lived with my head in the sand Eb(G) Slipped into corners, sat on my hands Gm(Bm) Bb(D) I learned to stifle the shouts and the outrage Ab(C) Fm(Am) And feeling deep down Cm(Em) With my chains falling off Cm/B(Em/Eb) And the hope in a friend Cm/Bb(Em/D) Cafes and walkways Cm/A(Em/Db) sculptured weekends Ab(C) Eb(G) Iím getting to love my freedom Ab(C) Eb(G) Iím getting to like my surroundings C(E) My room faces north but the sunís in the south Eb(G) You are far out of reach Could I be any worth Gm(Bm) Bb(D) To some special person? My mind is unknowing Ab(C) Fm(Am) Of any such love C(E) So I yell out the window, answer the mail Eb(G) My diaryís quiet, the definitive nail Gm(Bm) Bb(D) In my social coffin. I blame all the boffins Ab(C) Fm(Am) For making me fail Cm(Em) For an hour in the park Cm/B(Em/Eb) Or an hour on the couch Cm/Bb(Em/D) With the boy of my choice Cm/A(Em/Db) If he makes me go ouch Ab(C) Eb(G) I will swap all my dumb school prizes Ab(C) Eb(G) I am open to dark surprises Cm(Em) Gm(Bm) Ab(C) Eb(G) Fm(Am) Cm(Em) Db(F) Cm(Em) G(B) Cm(Em) C(E) My room faces north but the sunís in the south Eb(G) You are far out of reach, perfect hand, perfect mouth Gm(Bm) Bb(D) The boredom, the freedom, the train on the meadow Ab(C) Fm(Am) Please keep me in dreams Eb(G) I donít want commitment Bb(D) I donít want the drama Ab(C) Fm(Am) I just want your jeans C(E) I just want your jeans Instrumental Bridge: The nice thing about playing with capo 8 is that you can play the instrumental melody pretty easily while strumming the chords.
Relative to capo 8Em Bm C G -----------------2-----5--3-2-0-0--0-2-3-2-0----------------------|-----0-----3---3-----7-------------------------3-1-0-0--0-1-3-1-0-|---0-----4---4-----7----------------------------------------------|-2-----5----------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------------------------------|
Am Em F Em B Em----------------------------------------------------------|-1-0--------0-1-0-----------------------------------------|-----2-2--2-------2--0------------0-----------------------|-----------------------4-2-2--2-4---4-2---3----2---1---2--|----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|
No capoCm Gm Ab Eb--3---6---10---13---------------------------------------------------|-4---8---11---15--16-15-13-13--13-15-16-15--13-11-9-8-8--8-9-11-9-8-|5---8---12---15-----------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
Fm Cm Db Cm G Cm----------------------------------------------------------|-9-8-6-6--6-8-9-8-6---------------------------------------|---------------------8-7-5-5--5-7-8-7-5---6----5---4---5--|----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|----------------------------------------------------------|
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