Godflesh - Slavestate tab

Tabbed by: m1n0r_Threat

Song: Slavestate
Album: Slavestate

Use a good amount of distortion/fuzz. Best played through a Marshall. This song 
sounds so sinister, it's awesome.

Tuning: C#F#BEG#c#
/  slide
b  bend to
hb half bend
r  release bend to
** note

Verse 1c#|--------------------------------|G#|--------------------------------|E |--------------------------------|B |--------------------------------|F#|-------55555555-----------------|C#|--12-/-44444444-----------------| ** pick the chords as 16th notes until the end of the verse.
Verse 2|--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||-------66666666-----------------||--12-/-55555555-----------------||--------------------------------| ** pick the chords as 16th notes until the end of the verse.
Verse 3: Guitar 1|---Play 3x--------|--4th time play---||------------------|------------------||-------6---6b7r6--|-----6-7hb--------||--5--5---6--------|--5---------------||------------------|------------------||------------------|------------------|
Verse 3: Guitar 2|----------------------15--------||--12--------11------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------| ** let ring ** **
Song structure: Synth/Drums intro Verse 1 Timing is not exact. I really recommend Verse 2 listening to the song to get it. It's a Bass Verse/Drums enter bit hard to hear, but you can pick up the Verse 1 rhythm fairly easily. For the first two Verse 2 verses and the pre-verse, Guitar 2 can Bass Verse/Drums enter double what Guitar 1 plays; it's very Verse 1 unclear as to what's being played. Enjoy! Verse 2 Questions/comments? Email me. Drums/Bass Break Pre-Verse Verse 3 Synth/Drums intro Verse 1 Verse 2 Drums/Bass Break Pre-Verse Verse 3 - song ends at ~3:59
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