Godhead – I Hate Today tab

I Hate Today by Godhead
Guitarist: Jason Miller + Mike Miller
Album: 2000 Years Of Human Error
Dif.: 6
Tabbed by TWIGGy5

NOTE: For the 1st part of the song it’s just chords, so I’ll give you the chords 
and you figure out the strumming pattern by yourself. OK! I believe in you.

Intro/VerseE|-2-|-0-|B|-3-|-0-|G|-4-|-0-|D|-4-|-2-|A|-2-|-2-|E|---|-0-| Bmin Em
Chorus (“I’m a product of your……”)E|-3-|-2-|-3-|-2-|-3-|-2-|-3-|-0-|B|-3-|-3-|-3-|-3-|-3-|-2-|-3-|-0-|G|-0-|-4-|-0-|-4-|-0-|-3-|-0-|-0-|D|-0-|-4-|-0-|-4-|-0-|-4-|-0-|-2-|A|-2-|-2-|-2-|-2-|-2-|-4-|-2-|-2-|E|-3-|---|-3-|---|-3-|-2-|-3-|-0-| G Bmin G Bmin G F# G Em
Pre-Chorus (“The days have….…”)E|-3-|-2-|-3-|-2-|B|-3-|-2-|-3-|-3-|G|-0-|-3-|-0-|-4-|D|-0-|-4-|-0-|-4-|A|-2-|-4-|-2-|-2-|E|-3-|-2-|-3-|---| G F# G Bmin
Outro (Gtr. 1) (w/ heavy dist.)G|-------4------|-%-|----------------------4------|D|-5-----4------|-%-|-5------4-------5-----4------|A|-5-----2(16x)-|-%-|-5------4-------5-----2(16x)-|E|-3(16x)-------|-%-|-3(16x)-2(16x)--3(16x)-------|
Outro (Gtr. 2) - Don’t know right now sorry Song Structure: - Intro Verse (“Slowly he settles…..”) Chorus (“I’m a product of….”) Verse (“You taught me….”) Pre-Chorus Chorus Outro (Gtr. 1)/Outro (Gtr. 2) ??? Sorry Wow. Nice song. Very scary. Any comments corrections or suggestions email me at toxic345x@yahoo.ca
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