Godhead - Gimp tab

Band:  gODHEAD
Album: Power Tool Stigmata
Song:  Gimp
Released: March 17, 1998
Label: Sol 3 Records 
Vocals/Guitars: Jason Miller
Guitars: Mike Miller
Drums: James O'Connor 
Keyboards/Bass: Ulrich Hepperlin

Transcribed By: filthianity1985
Email: filthianity1985@yahoo.com

.  - palm mute   p - pulloff
~  - vibrato    (5)- sustained note

Author's Note: Going back to the good old days,
It was awkward to write out just read the tab
as you listen to the song!!
Both guitars are tuned standard(EADGBe) 

Intro (0sec - 22sec)

Part I X4 (22sec - 30sec)||------------------------||||------------------------||||-5--5--55--5--5--5--5-5-||PART I||-5--5--55--5--5--5--5-5-||||-3--3--33--3--3--3--3-3-||||-x--x--xx--x--x--x--x-x-||pm. . .. . . . . .
Break (30sec - 37sec) Part I X4 (37sec - 44sec)
Chorus (44sec - 59sec)guitar1 X2||---------------------||||---------------------||||-5-5-------------5-5-||CHORUS GUITAR 1||-5-5-------------5-5-||||-3-5-------------3-3-||||-x-x-------------x-x-||
guitar2 X2|------------------------------|||-------7~~~~~~~p5-------------|||------------------5-------(5)-||CHORUS GUITAR 2|------------------------------|||------------------------------|||------------------------------||
Part I X7 (59sec - 1min 12sec) Break (1min 12sec - 1min 21sec) Part I X4 (1min 21sec - 1min 28sec) Break (1min 28sec - 1min 36 sec) Part I X4 (1min 36sec - 1min 43sec) SPECIAL CHORUS (1min 43sec - 2min 12sec)
guitar1 plays these chords X2 (1min 58sec - 2min 12sec)||--------------||||--------------||SPECIAL CHORUS||-3-------5----||GUITAR 1||-3---6---5----||||-1---6---3----||||-x---4---x----||
Break (2min 12sec - 2min 28sec) Part I X8 (2min 28sec - 2min 42sec) Chorus X2 (2min 42sec - 3min 12sec) That About wraps it up the song goes into Penetrate :)
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