Godsmack – Hollow chords

fade into intro Em, C, D, Em (Strumming on Em U-U-U-U-D, single hits on C and D)

Em, C, D, Em (x5)

Em C D EmOne more step and i could fall away
C D EmIf i happened would it matter?
C D CAnd I can't tell if i should go or stay
C D EmSame old picture feels so hollow
C D EmAnother page I turn in shame
C D CAnd my decisions brought me to my knees
C D EmI needed someone to blame
A G FI feel so hollow
A G FI feel so hollow
G F A (stop) Time to do what's best for me i believe i can change
Em C D Em (x4)
C D EmOnce upon a time in broken dreams
C D EmReflection's that I can't face
C D CSo hold your breathe and make a wish for me
C D EmTake me to a better place
C D EmTime always seems to be passing by
C D EmIt never wait for me
C D CIf I could do it all more time
I wouldn't change a thing
A G FI feel so hollow (feel so hollow) (x4)
G F A (stop)Time do do what best for me for I believe I can change
Em C D Em til fade
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