Gofa - Crusher 20 tab

	* -=Crusher 2001=- *
	*    By Rob McW    *

Okay, this isn't a finished tab,
actully i just made it up in
my head now. I know the title sucks,
but i can't think of anything better,
or any words. :)

/-\palm mute
.half rest
h hammer
p pulloff

Riff 1

Riff 2
Riff 3
Riff 4
/---\|-----------------------------||--------------(strum hard)---||-----------------------------||--4h5p5-6--------2-----------||---------5-------2-3-1-------||----------6--------3-1-------|
and that's the whole "song". :) it goes: riff 1 x4 riff 2 x2 or x4 riff 3 x2 riff 2 x2 or x4 riff 3 x2 riff 4 and then scratch
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