Golden Angels - Cold World chords

ARTIST: Golden Angels
TITLE: Cold World
ALBUM: Codes And Messages
BEAT: 4/4
BPM: 90
INTRO Golden Angels, from the play: "Cold World" C. O. L. D. W. O. R. L. D. VERSE
Eb AbSo you say you think you're having a bad day
Eb BbEvery single thing has happened wrong
Eb AbI'm not gonna blame you for thinking that way
Eb Bb EbThe world's been doing bad things all along
VERSE (AS BEFORE) Now no-one ever said it would be easy But then no-one ever said it would be hard But in my eyes if you're alive it's a good day And that's something I always want to guard CHORUS
Eb Bb CmGive me a shield from the cold world
Eb Bb Cm AbI need a shield from the cold world
VERSE (AS BEFORE) So you think that things are not the way they used to be Every single word of that is true But if you could get things back the way they used to be I don't think that that's what you would do VERSE (AS BEFORE) Now I know you think it's hard to keep your chin up And it's hard to help others do that too But if you always try your best to keep your chin up Well, you and all the others will pull through CHORUS (AS BEFORE) ALT. CHORUS (x6)
Eb Bb Cm AbIt's a cold, cold world.
Eb AbBut one day the world will become warmer
Eb BbPeople will act the way they should behave
Eb AbmUntil that day why don't you come share my shield
Eb Bb Eb Ab EbAnd we'll fight to keep the whole world safe.
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