Golden Angels - Codes chords

ARTIST: Golden Angels
TITLE: Codes
ALBUM: Codes And Messages
BEAT: 4/4
BPM: 80
F DmEvery time a person says their last words
Bb FThey communicate a message to us all
DmSometimes the message is secret
Bb C FWithout a code it's like talking to a wall
VERSE (AS BEFORE) Every time you crack a code you find another one You keep on cracking codes it never ends But the quantity of codes you must decipher Is the quantity of messages you send CHORUS
F C BbI'm trying desperately
F C BbTo leave you with a key
Dm Bb FWithin every message there's a code
C BbThat keeps you hanging on
CAnd leads you down the road
VERSE (AS BEFORE) Every single code you have encountered Is part of another one you've not The pieces of the code are like a puzzle Where you can only use the pieces that you've got CHORUS (AS BEFORE) ALT. VERSE
Gm DmEvery time a person sings their last word
Bb CThey communicate a message that is sealed
Gm DmAnd when you crack the code that it is locked in
Bb CThe secret coded message is revealed
VERSE (AS BEFORE) So I'll keep on leaving codes until you figure out If you crack them all I'm sure you're bound to see I keep on leaving codes in all my tracks and trails So you don't know what the next one's gonna be
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