Goldfinger – Happy tab ver. 2


Tabbed by ASUSpears

There were no tabs for this song so I thought I'd give it a shot.  I have all the
chords but the solo is up to you.  The end gets a little choppy due to two talented
guitarists playing together.  It shouldn't be too difficult to sort it out if you
listen to the song enough.


*NOTE: The chords are muted in places through the intro.  Listen to the song
for timing and placement.

E B A a g#e-------------------------------------B-------------------------------------G--99999----------14-14-14--13-13-13--D--99999--9-77-7--14-14-14--13-13-13-- x3A--77777--9-77-7--12-12-12--11-11-11--E---------7-55-5----------------------
E B d a g#e--------------------------------------B--------------------------------------G--99999-----------14-14-14--13-13-13--D--99999--9-12-12--14-14-14--13-13-13-- x1A--77777--9-10-10--12-12-12--11-11-11--E---------7-10-10----------------------
(VERSE) *NOTE: At the end of each verse they jump into the next chord a little prematurely. [E] [B] [A] If I were you and you were me and we were back in '93 We had it all and all was well and this is where about I fell That was then we could pretend our different (stares) would be the end I'd take it back full blown attack and now it all just fades to black (CHORUS)
F# G# A E B A a g#e-------------------------------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------------------------------G-------------------------------99999-----------14-14-14--13-13-13--D--4-------6----7---------------99999--99--77---14-14-14--13-13-13--A--4-------6----7---------------77777--99--77---12-12-12--11-11-11--E--2-------4----5----------------------77--55-----------------------(black) I just want to feel alive
F# G# A E B A a g#e---------------------------|---------------------------------------B---------------------------|---------------------------------------G---------------------------|---99999-----------14-14-14--13-13-13--D--4-------6----7-----------|---99999--99--77---14-14-14--13-13-13--A--4-------6----7-----------|---77777--99--77---12-12-12--11-11-11--E--2-------4----5-----------|----------77--55----------------------- Time goes flyin by (Do Do's)
----------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- --99999--------------14-14-14--13-13-13-- --99999--99--12-12---14-14-14--13-13-13-- --77777--99--12-12---12-12-12--11-11-11-- ---------77--10-10----------------------- (Do Do's)
(NOTE: There's a light solo behind the verse...good luck!) If this is how it's gonna be I guess I might as well be free If this is how you're gonna act then I just won't take it back I knew you well I knew you then but now I can't seem to pretend Where have we gone it's been ..... so ...... long (REPEAT CHORUS) (REPEAT DO DO'S) [E] [B] [A] If I were you and you were me and we were back in '93 We had it all and all was well and this is where about I fell I would have died you never lied way before we even tried And if I knew what we'd go through would I still be into you? [F#] [A] Still be into you?...................... I just wanna be happy (End on the Do Do's)
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