Goldfinger – 20 Cent Goodbye tab

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Subject: CRD: 20_cent_goodbye.crd by Goldfinger
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 18:11:29 -0500 (EST)

Song: 20 Cent Goodbye
Band: Goldfinger
Album: Hang-ups (1997)
Written by John Feldman
Transcribed by Luke Knox ( e-mail me!

This song is fun to play, and it's got a cool progression. I
hope you like it:

Verse chords used: A G# F#m D Dm E EiiE--5---4---2---2---1---0---4---|B--5---4---2---3---3---0---5---|G--6---5---2---2---2---1---4---|D--7---6---4---0---0---2-------|A--7---6---4-----------2-------|E--5---4---2-------------------|
Verse: A G# F#m D Went out today to try and phone you. I guess you didn't Dm A G# F#m E D recognize my call. The lady on your end says you've got Eii caller I.D.
Bridge chords used: D A C F C#E--2---5---3---1---4---|B--3---5---5---1---6---|G--2---6---5---2---6---|D------7---5---3---6---|A----------------------|E----------------------|
Bridge: D A C F C C-C#- And I'm feeling sorry, that you've been woken up so much. D A C F And I'm feeling guilty, just talk to me, please talk to me.
Chorus chords used: B D#m G#m Eii EmiiE--7---6-----4-----4-----7---|B--7---7-----4-----5-----8---|G--8---8-----4-----4-----9---|D--9---8-----6-----------9---|A------------6---------------|E------------4---------------|
B D#m G#m Eii Emii B D#m I hardly know you. Is it too late to even try? I wanna G#m Eii Emii B A B A know you. Another 20 cent goodbye. Verse: A G# F#m D Dm I found a pay phone and it's busted (another broken-hearted A G# F#m D Dm fool). But still I pick up the reciever (my lips are touch- ing someone's drool). Bridge: D A F C C-C# Please make this worth it, you're all I'm thinking of today. D A F C I know you're worth it, just talk to me, please talk to me. Then repeat Chorus 3x, end on B. That's it! I hope you like this one. Please send me all your requests (I'll see what I can do for ya), comments, changes, or anything else on your mind. Thanks. Luke
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