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Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 18:39:01 -0500 (EST)

Song: I Need to Know
Band: Goldfinger
Album: Hang-Ups (1997)
Written by John Feldman
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

Here's one of Goldfinga's best. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

(p-pull off)
(h-hammer on)

[Intro]: 1st guitar plays this 4x, until bass comes in:E------------------------B------------------------G------------------------D------------------------A----7-7-7-7-7-------5---E--5-----------5-7-7---7-
Lead guitar comes in with this riff:E--5-----------5---5--7-5-4-4s5---------------------------B--5h7p5-------5h7p5------------5h7p5-4-5h7p5-4-5-4--7-5--G--------6-4-6--------------------------------------------D---------------------------------------------------------A---------------------------------------------------------E---------------------------------------------------------
[Verse]: A Bm D A D E BmE---5---7---5---5--- --2---4---2---B---5---7---7---5--- --3---5---3---G---6---7---7---6---(then)--2---4---4---D---7---9---7---7--- ----------4---A-------9----------- --------------E-------7----------- --------------
A Bm D A A I run away cause I'm scared that you might leave. There's Bm D A nothing wrong, but that's not what I believe. D E D E D And tell me it's alright, and tell me I'm okay, and tell me Bm that you're staying, staying here tonight.
[Chorus]: A Bm D E C#m F#m D E E---5---2---2---4-- --4----2---2---4---B---5---3---3---5-- --5----2---3---5---G---6---4---2---4--(then)--6----2---2---4---D---7---4---------- --6----4-----------A------------------ -------4-----------E------------------ -------2-----------
A Bm D E A I feel stupid saying words you've heard before. The way I Bm D E C#m F#m feel today is all I know for sure. And if I scare you, I'm D E C#m F#m D only scaring me. I've got so much to say, why won't you speak with me, I need to know. [Verse]: A Bm D A A What you're feeling, do you feel like I do? Let's talk about Bm D A everything I wanna share my life with you. D E D E D And tell me that you feel the way I feel with you. And tell D E me that you love me, just like I love you. [Repeat Chorus] End of chorus: D F#m Why won't you speak with me I need to know.
[Bridge]: G Bm Em GmE---3---2---3---3---B---3---3---5---3---G---4---4---4---3---D---5---4-------5---A---------------5---E---------------3---
G Bm Em G You're in my life, well I want to be sure I'm not wasting Bm Em Gm time, I've been through this before. And I need to know.
[Solo]: (very cool!)E---9---9---9---9--7--9--10---9--7--5------7-------7-----B--10--10--10--10--9-10--12--10--9--7--5h7---7-----------G----------------------------------------------5h7----7--D--------------------------------------------------------A--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------
And tell me that you feel the way I feel tonight. And tell me that you know this feels right. [Last Chorus]: (no guitar starting out, bass plays B C# E F#)
D#m G#m E F# BE---6---4---4---6---7---B---7---4---5---7---7---G---8---4---4---6---8---D---8---6-----------9---A-------6---------------E-------4---------------
Guitar comes in for: D#m G#m E F# D#m G#m And if I scare you, I'm only scaring me. I've got so much to E B say, why won't you speak with me I need to know. That's the song! Please send me any comments, ReQuEsTs, questions, or if you wanna talk about ska/punk music. Thanks Luke
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