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Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2000 16:55:37 -0400
From: "Justin Goldner" 
Subject: g/goldfinger/pick_a_fight.crd

Goldfinger - Pick A Fight (From Stomping Ground album)
Transcribed by Justin Goldner

Standard E Tuning

Pretty simple song, 4 parts, mostly repeatitive.  Track 2 on their new
album.  Pretty good, first song I heard from it.  Interesting first
chord progression, something similar to Stay from their self-titled LP
for the post-chorus riff-type thing, and Green Day's Basket Case for
the verse and pre-chorus.  Nice ring to it.  Layout's like this:

Chorus - E B F#m D, E F#m A
Chord Riff - B F#m G#m Am G#m E
Verse - E B C#m G#m A B
Pre-Chorus - A B E C#m, A B E
Chord Riff
Transition - F#m G#m A (E)
Chorus x3


Most of the time it's power chords, but for the third-to-last chorus
Goldfinger strums the full bar.

Chord Riff- Play like a riff but use the entire power chord
E------------------- } * play this riff at the end of theB------------------- } first time you play this part:G---4--------------- }D---4--4-6-7--6-2--- } E----2--5--2-0h2----2--5--7--A---2--4-6-7--6-2--- } B--0---0--0-------0---0--0---E------2-4-5--4-0--- } G----------------------------
E------------------------- } Before the last choruses, play thisB------------------------- } transition instead of the last chord:G---------9--6---------9-- } G----------(4)---D---7--9--9--6---7--9--9-- } D--4--6--7-(4)---A---7--9--7--4---7--9--7-- } A--4--6--7-(2)---E---5--7---------5--7----- } E--2--4--5-------
Second song tabbed from their new album. See my tab on San Simeon for my review of the album. Comments, questions, corrections:
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