Goldfinger - This Lonely Place tab

upstroke on ()   the last chords are normal strumming

e-|------------------------------------------------------------------|B-|------------------------------------------------------------------|G-|--7-7-7-7(7)----|--9-9-9-9(9)--|--11-11-11-11(11)--12-12-12-12----| D-|--7-7-7-7(7)--3X|--9-9-9-9(9)--|--11-11-11-11(11)--12-12-12-12----|A-|--5-5-5-5(5)----|--7-7-7-7(7)--|--9--9--9--9-(9)---10-10-10-10----|E-|------------------------------------------------------------------|
It sounds right but I don't know, if its not then you figure it out, I tried.
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