Goldfinger – Too Late tab

[Intro]: feedback

[Verse]:E-------------------B------------------- G---7-------4-------D---7---7---4---4--- A---5---7---2---4--- E-------5-------2--- D A B F#
D A B The young boy has turned into a man, and he's growing F# D A B stronger. He's battled through things he thought he could go F# on no longer.
[Bridge]:E---------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------G---5------------------------5-----------10---D---5---5---2---3-3-3-3-2-0--5---5---2---10---A---3---5---2---3------------3---5---2----8---E-------3---0---1----------------3---0-------- C G E F C G E Fii
C G E F The father stood by his side, wanting nothing more than just C G E be his dad. But pride only answers to one call, he only Fii condemns him.
[1st Chorus]: (starts out bass only!) *Played during chorus:D-------A--5b---E-------
And if the boy only knew his father's pain. The nights that he stayed up late, wondered why. Doesn't he see the future D C G is so bleak so bleak.
[Verse]: D A B F# D Father's retired now, he's left with TV and rest. The weight A B of the world and what did he do wrong, has gone to his F# chest. [Bridge]: C G E F He had such a good life. The family he loved were all by his C G E F side. To his son he whispered, "Goddamn this pride."
[2nd Chorus]: (^-heavily palm muted) C F G FE---3---1---3---1----------------------------------------B---5---1---3---1----------------------------------------G---5---2---4---2---7-------5---7-------5----7---5-------D---5---3---5---3---7---5---5---7---5---5----7---5---5---A-------------------5---5---3---5---5---3----5---3---5---E-----------------------3-----------3----------------3--- D^ G^ C^ D^ G^ C^ D C G
C F G And if the boy only knew his father's pain, the nights that F D^ G^ C^ D^ G^ he stayed up late, wondered why. The choices he made. C^ D C G Doesn't he see the future is so bleak, so bleak.
[Break]:Play F# (let ring), then mess around with feedback.Then:E-----------------B----------------- G---xxx-xxx-xxx--- D---xxx-xxx-xxx---A---xxx-xxx-xxx---E---xxx-xxx-xxx---
*Play these riffs over the chords at the top, with the chords heavily palm muted: F# * B * F# * B * F# * B E-------*-----*------*---------*------*---------------------B-------*-----*------*---------*------*---------------------G-------*-----*------*-2-2-----*------*---------------------D-------*-2-2-*------*-----2-2-*------*----2-2-4-4-4s5-4-4--A-------*-----*------*---------*------*---------------------E-------*-----*------*---------*------*---------------------
(con't.)E---------------B---------------G--6--7-6---4---D--6--7-6---4---A--4--5-4---2---E--------------- C#-D-C# B
[Verse]:E--5----------------B--5---6------------G--5---7---10---5---D--7---7---10---5---A--7---5----8---3---E--5---------------- Am Dm Fii C
Am Dm Fii C Am So fuck I'm all by myself, now you've gone away. You've left Dm Fii C me all by myself with that fucked up thing you said.
[Bridge]:E--------------------B--------------------G---10---5-----------D---10---5---7---8---A----8---3---7---8---E------------5---6--- Fii C A Bb(*one guitar plays these chords, the other plays Fii until the Bb Bb Bb part).
Fii C A Bb Fii C If I could forgive myself, you knew the way. Now I'm all by A Bb Bb Bb Bb myself, and I'm sorry.
[Outro]: F Bb C F Bb F C F Gii Bb CE---5---6---8---5---6---5---8---5-------10----6-----8----B---6---6---8---6---6---6---8---6-------12----6-----8----G---5---7---9---5---7---5---9---5-------12----7-----9----D-------8--10-------8------10----------(12)--(8)--(10)---A--------------------------------------------------------E--------------------------------------------------------
F Bb C F But if you only knew your son's pain. How bad that he wanted Bb F C you to say "you're doing just fine, you turned out to be one F Gii Bb C good guy", but it's too late. Well? Whadya think? Please e-mail me and tell me I'm the king of tab-world, or tell me I suck, I don't care. Also drop me a line if you've got any changes, comments, questions about my work, or requests. Thanks Luke
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