Goldfrapp – Eat Yourself tab


F Em Dme|----------1-------|---------1-------|---------------|---------------|---------1------|B|------1-------1---|-----1-------1---|---------------|---------------|------3-----3--.|G|------------------|-----------------|--------0------|--------0------|---------2------|D|------------------|-----------------|-----2-----2---|-----2-----2---|---0------------|A|------------------|-----------------|---------------|---------------|---------------.|E|-1--------1-------|-1-------1-------|-0------0------|-0------0------|----------------|
F if you don't eat your- Em Dm self, no doubt the playdeestee F you could lon duhlie Em Dm seenit all metlowwww you went south on the train she wore plastic boots for rain and you crawl along ethyoonall you dreendiss, cawlawlee C Bb who will i be when i'm with you again? C Bb silver jet in the sky C Bb you are the pain, god of song F gotta sing for life OUTRO: C Bb you are the pain, god of song F D gotta sing for life C Cmaj7 D hooooooooooooooo (mmmm-mmmm)
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