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Gomez – Little Pieces tab

The first tab off of Gomez's new album that I've seen thus far, a beautiful song too.

Little Pieces
New Tide

Intro(basically playing with the E)e--------------------------------------------------|b--------------------------------------------------|g----------1h2h1-----------------------------------|d------1h2-------2---1h2---------------------------|a------------------2-------------------------------|E---0----------------------------------------------|
E There's a piece of me you can't have And I know it's driving you mad There's a part inside you can't reach I'm afraid that's the way its gonna be G A E There's a part of you that wants to fight G A E But I never really had the appetite I fear my feelings wont speak C#m B A words are already taken upon the breeze C#m B wind is always blowing A pieces falling from me C#m you can have them for free E now it felt so complete G A pieces falling from me though you try your best you never find there are pieces that are left behind last piece of the jigsaw while the others are scattered across the floor so you try to get them all up there are pieces falling in the dust there's a pile of ash we don't need leave it to be taken upon the breeze wind is always blowing pieces falling from me you can have them for free now it felt so complete pieces falling from me (After the second go round, there's a step up from A to D. The Chords are A,Ab, C, D hold on D until it kicks into "All this background noise") E G all this background noise A its crowded E never tell G A E its half the reason why they're there G A E its hard to make another plan (Repeat until end of "La la la's") there's a fine line what you want and what you need standing right there in between never been there never la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la laaa (Chorus Chords then play intro and done!) pieces falling from me you can have them for free never felt so complete never be what you need something missing from me that I'll never complete there the last ones complete pieces falling from me
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