Gomez – Get Myself Arrested tab

Hey, I noticed that the riff for the intro isn't included on other tabs so I decided to this for you all, there's one note I'm not too sure about though: * *e-8-7-5-5--5/0------8-7-5-5--5/0-----8-7-5-5-5/10-10/12-12-5---5/0---|B--------------------------------------------------------------------|G-9-7-5-5--5/2------9-7-5-5--5/2-----9-7-5-5-5/10-10/12-12-5---5/2---|D--------------------------------------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------------|
*This note I'm not entirely sure is corret, if you find it to be different let me know! Hope this helps all the Gomez fans out there as this is a great song, this riff is used during the verses. /=slide
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