Gomez - Options chords version 3


I could be the guy at the end of the street
high on caffeine
GRanting and raving, baby
CAnd that's OK
Gm A EAt least I've got options
Or I could be the one who gives it all up and moves back to the parents' house
GLive in the basement baby
CAnd that's OK
Gm A E At least I've got options
G-D-CAll the things youll see
G-D-CAnd the places youll go
G-D-CAll the people you need
AEverybody wants you
CWants to be you
(same as verse 1) I could settle down be responsible Be a good man And learn how to fix things, baby And thats OK At least I've got options Or I could try and learn what I unlearned Moving to business And make loads of money for gullible people That's OK At least Ive got options Chorus Bridge:
E G CI never wanted to change you
E G CI only wanted to share
E G C E G CI dont believe, I dont believe
E G C Starting over and over again,
E G Cstarting Over and over again
(BACK TO VERSE) Somebody who understands and loves me Despite all my weakness baby And thats OK At least I've got options (CHORUS) All the things youll see (All the things that you wanted see) And the places youll go (All the places that you wanted to go) All the people you need (All the people you wanted to need) And the lovers youve known All the lovers that you wanted to know Everybody wants you Wants to be you
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