Gomez – Miles End tab

Gomez - Miles End
Album: In our Gun

standard tuning

Chords used:

   D	C	D#	F	G
e: 10	8	11	8	10
B: 10	8	11	10	12
G: 11	9	12	10	12
D: 12	10	13	10	12
A: 12	10	13	8	10
E: 10	8	11	x	X


D	C	D# D	C D

first Lead bit in verse

this is not exact there are more notes in the song than written
here, just improvise a bit with those notes.
This part is played on over the first D chord of the verse.

Pre Chorus He's been fortunate........ uses the same chord progression as the verse, but the lead is different. Just improvise by picking out individual notes of the chords, as shown below.
D C D# D C De:-10----8------11-10-----12--10----14--------|B:-10----8------11-10-----13--10----15--------|G:-11----9------12-11-----12--11----14--------|D:-12----10-----13-12---------12--------------|A:--------------------------------------------|E:--------------------------------------------|
Chorus F D C D C F D C D C G <--G is only played once i think the lead just picks out notes of the chords. Break The same chords as the verse, and just mess around with effects in D for the lead, might not be right but it sounds cool. That's it, any comments or corrections n.cameron@student.canberra.edu.au
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