Gone Jackals – Love Comes Crawling tab ver. 2

       The Gone Jackals
    - Love Comes Crawling -
        Bone To Pick

       tabbed by PelzR

Tuning: Standard E

Here a tab for the song "Love Comes Crawling" by The Gone Jackals.
This version is very basic and only contains the major stuff which should be correct.
No solo, sorry.


E|-------------------------|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|-------------------------|G|-------------------------|-------------------------|D|-------------------------|-------------------------|A|-0-0-0-3-3-3-0-0-0-3-3-3-|-0-0-0-3-3-3-------------|E|-------------------------|-------------3-3-3-1-1-1-| . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
E|-------------|---------| |---|B|-------------|---------| on the last repeat |---| this is also theG|-10--9--7----|-------3-| the additional bar |-2-| powerchord for theD|-10--9--7--5-|-3--2--3-| contains this |-2-| outroA|--8--7--5--5-|-3--2--1-| powerchord, |-0-|E|-----------3-|-1--0----| let it ring |---|
Interlude A
Just one note (!) because this is the way I play the interlude, the lower notes in the last two bars (the F and G) are played by the bass but it an sound interesting with the guitar while playing in the rythm. of the drums. On the record you only play an A powerchord for the Interlude:
E|---|B|---| let it ring andG|-2-| repeat it D|-2-|A|-0-|E|---|
Interlude B
E|------|------|B|------|------| some rythm.G|-2----|------| changes but D|-2--2-|-3--5-| the notesA|-0--2-|-3--5-| stay the sameE|----0-|-1--3-|
E|----|B|-13-| it's played directlyG|-12-| before the second verseD|-12-| and it's the last chordA|--0-| in the songE|----|
Riff Structure: --------------- Intro 2x Verse 3x Fill 1x Chorus 1x Fill 1x Chorus 1x Chord 1x Verse 3x Fill 1x Chorus 1x Fill 1x Chorus 1x Interlude A ... as long as needed (sorry I'm too lazy to count) Interlude B 5x Re-Intro 2x Verse 3x -| Fill 1x | Chorus 1x |-> under the solo Fill 1x | Chorus 1x | Fill 1x -| Chorus 1x Fill 2x Chord 1x
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