Goo Goo Dolls – Strange Love tab

 this is my second tab and again its one robby sings. i just learned it by listening. o
just to save some time, the acoustic guitar plays the same chords as the electric
if its confusing but its as good as i could do it.i just realized the chords are the 
as the chord version already tabbed so basically play that version but justs use the 


  guitar 1:brad
  guitar 2:brad
  guitar 3:johnny

  intro:guitar 1 (a little overdrive, lotta treble, and tremolo;try to figure out the
of the tremolo cuz im not positive on wat it is)

e-------12--------------12-----------12----------12-------|b----------13-------------13-----------13----------13-----|g-------------12------------12-----------12----------12---|d-14-14-----------14-14--------15-15-------15-15----------| play until versea---------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------|
intro:guitar 2:(overdrive) fade in with C chord C,Em,F
d-3-2----| play twicea-----3--|E--------|
intro:guitar 3(acoustic) same as guitar 2 without the 3-2-3 riff verse:guitar 3 chords: C,Em,F, im no good at tabbing chord progressions so just listen to it. prechorus:guitar 2,3 chords:Am,F,Am,G chorus:guitar 2,3 same as intro for guitars 2 and 3 bridge:guitar 2,3 chords:Am,F,G
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