Goo Goo Dolls – Still Your Song chords

Still Your Song – Goo Goo Dolls
Something for the Rest of Us (2010)

Capo 2nd fret

Intro: Fill 1, Fill 2, Fill 1, Fill 3, then Chords E, C#, B

Fill 1 (transcribed for guitar):

Fill 2:
Fill 3:
Chords (relative to capo): E |-799-- C# |-466-- B |-244-- A |577--- F# |244--- Listen to song to get timing for chords. Verse 1:
ECalled you up ten years too late
C#Just to hear your voice again
BI know your voice is still the same
I know that something’s changed Verse 2: My words are choked and full of tears But still you listen to me dear And someone’s calling you away And now I understand Pre-chorus:
F# A The time that I’ve wasted
F#So bitter and faithless
AIs tearing me down now,
BDown now
ESo can you hear me?
C#Or would you sing along
BOr turn me down
Forget I ever wrote this for you?
ESo can you hear me?
C#Or has it been too long
BI know that I was wrong
And this is still your song Verse 3: Turn it on and off again And now I lost another friend You waded through my darkest thoughts When I was sure to drown Verse 4: And now I pass you on my way And if you stop, what could I say? Apologies for yesterday Like a fool, I walk away Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge (fills are played as in the intro):
F# AAnd all I understand
F#We’re here and gone again
AEven through a thousand sleepless nights
F# AI fill the page with my beliefs
F#It’s all I have to keep
ATear it up and start again
Chorus Coda:
E I don’t pretend to understand
BAll the things I put you through
E And I don’t need forgiveness
B But I owe one thing to you
AThis is your song
B This is your song
End on E
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