Goo Goo Dolls - All That You Are tab

Song: All That You Are
Album: Single; TF3 Soundtrack
Artist: Goo Goo Dolls
Ver1.2 (corrected); Ver 1 had tuning error transcription

Tabbed by: wolfnetong5

Here's my personal interpretation of how this great song is played. Real easy as long as
you get the tuning right. Everything indicated as "---" is meant to be played
open-string. Brings about a nice resonant 'twang unique to the GGD sound.

Tuned: D-A-D-A-D-e

Intro, Verse 1&2, Exite |------------------------|A |------------------------|A |------------------------|D |--5-----7----4----5-----|A |--5-----7----4----5-----|D |--5-----7----4----5-----|
Usually 5,7,4,5. Sometimes does 5,7,4,7.
Pre-chorus... You saw me through... I was alone in the dark and the fear was my truth...|--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--------------------------------||--9---7-------2--4--5--7--------||--9---7-------2--4--5--7--------||--9---7-------2--4--5--7--------|
Chorus... And yeah, all the things that you are, beautifully broken, alive in my heart...|------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||--7-----5----9-----7----------||--5-----5----9-----7----------||--------5----9-----7----------|
...And know, that you are everything...|---------------||---------------||---------------||--7-----5------||--5-----5------||--------5------|
...Let your heart sing, and tonight, we'll light up the stars... with all that you are|----------------------------||----------------------------||----------------------------||--9---7----5----4---2-----5-||--9---7----5----4---2-----5-||--9---7----5----4---2-----5-|
Next, Verse pattern x2, but stop and hold on 4th fret; (drum rolls), then continue "... I feel wrong, I'm so broken and flawed..." Prechorus, Chorus pattern the same, but End Chorus with, "... with all that you are...", start Solo + Bridge Regression Bridge
#1 "...are...", trailing vocals and with guitar solo#2 "...You're the sound of redemption, the faith that I've lost, the answers I;m seekingno matter the cost..."|------------------------------||------------------------------||------------------------------||--10------9------8------7-----||--10------9------8------7-----||--10------9------8------7-----|
#3 "...You opened the window, now I can see..."|------------------||------------------||------------------||--10------9-------||--10------9-------||--10------9-------|
End Bridge"...And you taught me forgiveness, by giving your love back to me"|------------------------------------||------------------------------------||------------------------------------||---------2----4----5----9-----7-----||---------2----4----5----9-----7-----||---------2----4----5----9-----7-----|
Back to Chorus x2 then FIN, figure out the rest of the song using aforementioned chords. Have fun!
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