Goo Goo Dolls – You Never Know tab

Hey all here is the correct version of the song. I have every song for 
gutterflower. i will post all of them soon. but here is a start. Email me 
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You Never Know

tuning standard.

C5 - x355xx         A5 - 577xxx
D5 - x577xx         G5 - 355xxx
F5 - x8(10)(10)xx   E5 - x799xx


e|------------------|B|-----------3------|G|--5-----5------5--| D|-----0------------| A|------------------|E|------------------|
Intro 4x Verse (play intro) You never know some folks think the world just moves to slow But was it you who told me I'm your everything Chours C5 D5 F5 You Hit me like I never felt before C5 A5 Hit me like a sucker punch F5 Rotten to the core C5 D5 F5 You Know you hit me like I never felt before C5 Silly for the last time (play intro 2x) Verse (play intro) You never take A promise from a man who sheds his skin Had to wait for my aching heart to break Repeat Chours Bridge: D5 E5 F5 D5 Now everyone gets angry C5 G5 And I feel it when you holdin me D5 E5 But in the right place at the right time F5 E5 D5 to the right degree it's breeding ground for the pain A5 G5 from dealing with your scene C5 G5 You know it ain't easy Outro Chours C5 G5 F5 Hit me like I never felf before C5 G5 F5 Hit me like I never felf before C5 G5 F5 Hit me like I never felf before C5 I'm silly for the last time
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