Goo Goo Dolls - Hardsores tab

E5(VII) - x799xx

F#5(IX) - x9(11)(11)xxIntro:

F#5(IX)-D5-B5 (six times)Verse:


I don't know what you want 


You and your silly stomp


You shake your back for me


Then wish that you were dead


And every single time


you blow your silly mind

D5                      E5

With more laughing glueF#5(IX)-D5-B5 (six times)(verse)

I don't know who you are

I don't see any proof

You got a filthy trick

Then get a filthy dick

And every time you wait

You have to masturbate

Oh, you know it wellF#5(IX)-D5-B5


F#5(IX)-D5-B5 (eight times)

(play verse riff)Wait, don't stop!A5-A5-A5-A5F#5(IX)-D5-B5 (six times)(verse)

And now I'm done with this

And it's so viscious

You criticize my view

Then criticize my 'tude 

But there's just one thing

That I'm interested in,

Oh, what's into you!
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