Goo Goo Dolls - Stay With You tab

Goo Goo Dolls: Stay with you

Tuning: Standard

work out strum pattern on your own


|------------------------||------------------------||-55555------------------||-55555-55555-7777-33333-| |-33333-55555-7777-33333-||-------33333-5555-11111-| X2
Verse: In there verse theres acually a guitar playin this but it sounds ok if you just play the chords underneath
Am7 And these streets C Turn me inside out Am7 Everything shines G Leaves me empty still Am7 C and i burn this lonely house down Am7 if you run with me G if you run with me Chorus:
|------------------------||------------------------||-55555------------------||-55555-55555-7777-33333-| |-33333-55555-7777-33333-||-------33333-5555-11111-| X3
Verse2 Prelude : E5 F5 Now come in from this storm E5 F5 And I taste you sweet and warm A5 Take what you need F5 Take what you need C5 From me F5 Now wake up this world F5 Wake up tonight F5 And run to me F5 Run to me now Then play the intro again and finish with the chorus verse 2 lyrics: And im fooled by my own desire I twist my fate Just to feel you But you, you turn me toward the light And you're one with me Will you run with me
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