Goo Goo Dolls – Only One tab

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Only One
by the Goo Goo Dolls
(tabbed by
Goo Goo Dolls Web Site: The World of Goo

Capo on the second fret
(You don't *have* to play it with a capo, but it'd be much harder)
(Also, Johnny plays it with the high-E tuned to an F#, but that
 only matters in the solo, so we all don't *have* to do it)

Intro:F#---------------------B----------------0-----G------0-----------0---D----2---2-----2-------A------------3---------E--0------------------- (repeat 4 times)
Verse: F#5 D5 I'll open up my head awhile Its been dead for years F#5 D5 A5 Musta been a victim of my peers F#5 One is for my happiness D5 The other for my health F#5 D5 A5 The last is something bigger than myself
Chorus: G5 B5 G5 B5 I ain't the only one, I ain't the only one G5 B5 C5 I ain't the only one to say (verse) I'm talkin' to myself again I'll just start a fight Nobody can prove me wrong, I'm right Anti-hero idol with a suicide excuse A thousand other suckers will try and fill your shoes (break) (chorus) I ain't the only one, I ain't the only one I ain't the only one to say (solo) (chorus) I ain't the only one, I ain't the only one I ain't the only one to say
Little pictures in my head are turnin' inside out again 'Cause fuckin' up takes practice I feel I'm well rehearsed Because the past is a bully and the futures even worse You tell me what you fear 'cause I can feel it like a curse (verse) Well, you used to be a folk singer, now you're just a joke singer Ain't no smokin' dope singer, swingin from a rope singer (chorus) I ain't the only one, I ain't the only one I ain't the only one to say This file is copyright, 1997. You are free to use it for your personal or educational use, but permission must be granted to post this transcription. Thank you.
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