Good Charlotte – Foolish tab

Artist: Good Charlotte
Song: Foolish
Album: NONE (unreleased)
Tabbed by: Necriononguitar

Tuning: Half-Step Down


>>> Get a buddy and a tambourine for a more beautiful Chorus!! <<<
>>> Scroll down for the Skills and Riffs! <<<

::::The Chords::::Special Chords: C/B*E---3-----|B---1-----|G---0-----|D---x-----| you might say: "its a G, its a G!!" , well i dont know...A---2-----|E---------|
/Intro\ C C/B* F G C /Verse\ C C/B* Some people will tell you, it's foolish to believe F G C That someone else could feel the way you do C C/B* Well people might say, it seems a little strange F G C To hope so secretly the way you do /Pre-Chorus\ Dm G But I don't see the harm in love Dm G No, I don't see no harm at all /Chorus\ (Tambourine!) F G To fall foolishly F G To hurt secretly Am G F Dm That someone else could feel this way F G C And fall foolishly /Verse\ C C/B* Been dying to tell you not to lose your faith F G C (Cuz) I swear that love will one day find its way C C/B* Into your heart Into your mind Into your life You might find ??? F G C Someone else out to play you on (??) (i really dont know the words here... yeah kinda yawing :D ) /Pre-Chorus\ Dm G So I don't see the harm in love Dm G No, I don't see no harm at all /Chorus\ (Tambourine!) F G To fall foolishly F G To hurt secretly Am G F Dm That someone else could feel this way F G C And fall foolishly F G C Oh, and fall foolishly F G Just to fall... to fall foolishly /Outro\ C C/B* F G C Now to the "Know-How" Its pretty easy to play, so dont be afraid :D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ::::The Skills:::: The strumming: In every part in this song except the intro and outro benji's playing a simular strumming. d=Downstroke u=upstroke For Example, the Verse x= mute this string
d u d u d u d d u d u dE--0----0-0----0-0-x-0--x---0-0-0-0------|B--1----1-1----1-1-x-1--x---1-1-1-1------|G--0----0-0----0-0-x-0--x---0-0-0-0------|A--2----2-2----2-2-x-2--x---2-2-2-2------|D--3----3-3----3-3-x-3--x---3-3-3-3------|E----------------------------------------|
This is the base you can build on your personal strumming. You can add some strumming or whatever you want. You only have to use THIS as the basis. The Intro and Outro: Two Guitars are playing the Intro/Outro: 1 Guitar: Strumming, The chords 2 Guitar: The Intro/Outro Solo, The Riffs 1 Guitar: No usual strumming. Its a kinda picking.
2 Guitar: A Little Riff. Here are the notes he's using, improvise if you want. (without blue note)
1.fret 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ...E-----/-----/--o--/-----/--o--/-----/-----|B-----/-----/--o--/-----/--o--/-----/-----|G-----/--o--/-----/-----/--o--/-----/-----|D-----/--o--/-----/-----/--o--/-----/-----|A-----/-----/--o--/-----/--o--/-----/-----|E-----/-----/-----/-----/-----/-----/-----|
The actual Intro-riff:E----------------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------------------------------------|G-----------------------------------------------------7--5----7--5-----|D--------------------2----5--5~-----7---5-----7--5---------------------|A--3~------3----5------------------------------------------------------|E----------------------------------------------------------------------|
The Outro-riff: /= Slide up \= Slide downE--------------------------------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------8---------------------|G----------------------------------5/7------7\5------5---------|D--------2------2----5-----5/7-5------------------7------(5)---|A--(3)------5--------------------------------------------------|E--------------------------------------------------------------|
Wow! Times nearly up! ^^ This was a long tab, i know. Thanks for watching. Have a good day!
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