Good Charlotte – Sex On The Radio tab

introlightly bring your fingers of the fret board and back on quickly to create the echo unless you have a pedal----------|----------|----9---7-|--7-9-9-7-|--7-7-9-5-|--5---7---|
verse------------------------------|------------------------------|---------99-999--------77-777-| x2--77-777-99-999-99-999-77-777-|--77-777--------99-999--------|------------------------------|
pre chorus
you can figure out how many times to palm mute its not hard-------------------|-------------------|------9-------7----|--7-x-9-x-9-x-7-x--| x2--7-x-7-x-9-x-5-x--|--5-x---x-7-x---x--|
chorus----------|----------|----9---7-|--7-9-9-7-| 8 times each play whole thing twice--7-7-9-5-|--5---7---|
verse 2
----------|----------|----9---7-|--7-9-9-7-| single pick them x2--7-7-9-5-|--5---7---|
verse part 2 the echo part same as intro x2 post chorus x2 chorus x4 breakdown this part probaly isnt right
---------- ---|---------- ---|--9-----7- -7-|--9-9-7-7- -7-| x16--7-9-7-5- x2 second time play -5-|----7-5--- ---|
intro x2 chorus x4 end enjoy :)
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