Good Charlotte - Standing Ovation chords version 1

C DAs I start to make my way back home
C D Through the crowded streets where the people come and go
C D All the faces that I see, they seem to show,
C G DA standing ovation, for you
C G DA standing ovation, for you.
G D We're alive, now let's just take our time
C Now let's just make the most of every day we have,
D GThe most of every moment, we're alive
DNow let's not waste our time
C Now let's just make the most of every breath we take
D The most of every second we're alive
C DOhhhh, 'cause we're alive
[Same chords as first verse] Out the window of a train, the cities go Pass so fast just like the days I watch you grow And one day you will walk away from all you know This standing ovation's for you This standing ovation's for you. [Chorus, same chords]
C D G Bm Can't you see, the world is on their feet for you and me
C DAnd its alright, you've got me
C G Bm'Cause even when I'm gone, I'll never leave
C GSo go and get your dreams.
[Chorus, same chords] [First verse again, same chords, end on D]
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