Good Charlotte - The Young And The Hopeless tab

It took a while to tab this out so I hope you like it!

Chords: Cm G# D# A# E/--2--/--3--/--6--/--6--| B/--4--/--3--/--8--/--6--| G/--5--/--4--/--8--/--7--| D/--5--/--5--/--8--/--8--| A/--3--/--5--/--6--/--8--| E/--x--/--3--/--x--/--6--|
VERSE (Lead)E/-------------------|B/-----8--9-11-9-8---|G/-8-8-------------8-|D/-------------------|A/-------------------|E/-------------------|
VERSE (Rhythm) D# Hard days made me Hard nights shaped me Cm I don't know they somehow saved me G# And i know im making something out of this life they call nothing D# i Take what i want take what i need Cm you say it's wrong, but its right for me G# I wont look down Wont say im sorry I know that only god can judge me PRE-CHORUS (both Guitars) Cm G# And if i make it through today D# Will tomorrow be the same A# Am i just running in place Cm G# And if i stumble and i fall D# Should i get up and carry on A# Will it all just be the same CHORUS (both guitars) D# Cause im young and im hopeless Cm im lost and i know this G# A# im going nowhere fast thats what they say D# im troublesome i've fallen Cm im angry at my father G# A# its me against this world and i dont care i dont care VERSE (rhythm) D# no one in this industry Cm understands the life i lead G# when i sing about my past its not a gimmick, not an act D# These critics, and these trust fund kids Cm try to tell me what punk is G# but when i see them on the street they got nothing to say PRE-CHORUS (both guitars) CHORUS (both guitars) X2 Hope you like it.
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