Good Charlotte – Story Of My Old Man tab

Band: Good Charlotte
Song: The Story of My Old Man
Tuning: low to high Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb
Tabbed by: Joe

   C5           F5         G5       C5/G

Eb-----¦    Eb-----¦    Eb-----¦  Eb-----¦

Bb-----¦    Eb-----¦    Bb-----¦  Bb-----¦

Gb--5--¦    Gb-----¦    Gb-----¦  Gb--5--¦

Db--x--¦    Db--3--¦    Db--5--¦  Db--5--¦

Ab--3--¦    Ab--3--¦    Ab--5--¦  Ab--3--¦

Eb-----¦    Eb--1--¦    Eb--3--¦  Eb--3--¦

Intro: Bass drum then C5(x20)

C5                                F5                                     G5

I don't know too much a-about too much of my old man

  C5/G                               F5                                G5

I know he walked right the door we never saw him again

C5/G                           F5              G5              C5/G

Last I heard he was at the bar do-in' himself in I know

                       F5                                          G5--->let ring

I got the same disease, I guess I got that from him


A5      G5                  F5      A5              G5              F5

This is story of my old man, Just like his father before him

                                  G5          F5     A5                                  
F5(let ring)

I'm telling you do any thing you, can so you don't end up just like them

Like Them


C                  Am           Fmaj7

Monday he woke up and hated life,

C                Am                       Fmaj7

Drank until Wednesday and left his wife,

C                           Am               Fmaj7

Thursday through Saturday lost every thing,

C                   Am    F5    N.C(no chords)

Woke up on Sunday mis-'r-able again

(same chords as ver 1)

I remember baseball games ,And working on the car
He told that he loved me
And that I would go far
Showed me how to work hard and
Stick up for myself
I wish he wasn't too hard
To listen to himself..
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