Good Girls Dont Say No - Local Hero Dies In Fire tab

Local Hero Dies in Fire guitar tabs BPM = 80

Guitar One - Guitar Two -Verse x4 Intro x2/ Verse x4e|---------| e|----------|B|---------| B|----------|G|-5-6-3-8-| G|-10-6-8-8-|D|-3-4-1-6-| D|--8-4-8-6-|A|-3-4-1-6-| A|--8-4-6-6-|D|-3-4-1---| D|--8-4---6-|
Pre-Chorus (small cresendo) Pre-Chorus (small cresendo)e|---| e|----|B|---| B|----|G|-5-| G|-10-|D|-3-| D|--8-|A|-3-| A|--8-|D|-3-| D|--8-|
Chorus x6 Chorus (lots of reverb) x6e|----------| e|------------|B|----------| B|------------|G|-10-8-----| G|-10-8-5-3-5-|D|--8-8-6-4-| D|-x--x-x-x-x-|A|--8-6-6-4-| A|-8--6-3-1-3-|D|--8---6-4-| D|------------|
Distorted Verse x4 Distorted Verse x4e|---------| e|------------|B|---------| B|------------|G|-5-6-3-8-| G|-10-6-8---8-|D|-3-4-1-x-| D|-8--4-8-4/6-|A|-3-4-1-6-| A|-8--4-6-4/6-|D|-3-4-1---| D|-8--4---4/6-|
Bridge/Solo x4 e|------------| B|------------| G|-10-6-8---8-|D|-8--4-8-4/6-|A|-8--4-6-4/6-|D|-8--4---4/6-|
Order Intro x 2 Verse x4 Pre-Chorus Chorus x6 Verse x4 Pre-Chorus Chours x6 Distorted Verse x4 Bridge/Solo x4 End
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