Good Old War – While Im Away chords


Intro: C
C G C GAll night, all night
Am C Am GI've thought of you, I always do
C G C GAt times I fantasize
Am CYou know I miss making love to you
Am F C G C (strum once) (Riff)I always do-o-o, while I'm away from you
C GI miss your warm hips
C GI miss your soft kiss
Am C Am GAnd what your green eyes do when I'm touching you
C G C G CSo please, don't forget me
Am C Am GI would wish for you but you won't come true
C G CWhile I'm a-way from you
Am C GAhhh...
C G C GEvery night I turn out the light
Am C Am GAnd I dream of you babe, I always do
C G C GHold tight, you have to enjoy life
Am C Am GAs long as you're what I'm coming home to the skies are blue
F C G C (strum once)While I'm a-way from you
C GWhile I'm away
C GWhile I'm away
F C G CWhile I'm a-way from you
[Tabbed by thewickedrobot]
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