Gordon Bok – The Swag And The Shiner chords

C G    C  G

C D7 GWhen I was a lad, well, I made up me mind
F C GThat I didn't belong to the labouring kind
F G C FMe hands were too good and me body too fine
C D7 G G7And me brain, sure it was even finer
C F GThat to spoil them by working, it seemed such a shame
C F GSo, I learned all I could of this wayfarin' game
C F GBy way of Australia, to New Zealand came
C G C G C GAnd hurrah for the swag and the shiner
C D7 GNow some folks drink tea, but water's less risky
F C GAnd with some it's the sherry or beer makes them frisky
F G C FBut give me the Irish and Jamieson's whiskey
C D7 G G7The warmest and best stomach liner
C F GAnd many's the infamous trick I've conceived
C F GAnd many's the barman that's gladly believed them
C F GOf many free whiskies, I've often relieved them
C G C G C GHurrah for the swag and the shiner
C D7 GOne day as I tramped with my mate, Gypsie Lee
F C GHe looks down at the road, "A dead sparrow," says he
F G C F"That's a skylark," says I, "And a free drink for me
C D7 G G7If you'll follow the scam of the Shiner"
C F G"At the next pub we come to," I says, "You wait outside
C F GBut, stand by the door with your ears open wide
C F GAnd at the right moment, you comes right inside
C G C G C GBut, you don't know the swag or the shiner"
C D7 GWell, at the next shanty, I swear it's a lark
F C G"That's a sparrow" the barman was heard to remark
F G C FSays I, "I'm so sharp I can tell in the dark
C D7 G G7The difference 'tween Magpies and Minahs"
C F G"Well, I'll wager a drink all around then" says he
C F G"That the next man comes in here, a sparrow will see"
C F GSo in comes old Gyp, "Hey, a skylark" says he
C G C G C G"Free drinks for meself and the shiner"
C D7 GTall houses and mansions, I let them all be
F C GFor it's certain that working each day, ain't for me
F G C FOn the road with me swag, every day I am free
C D7 G G7And I pity the navvy and miner
C F GNow, some folks don't like me, they think I'm a nut
C F GAnd, some say I'm lazy 'cause I like the shortcut
C F GBut a regular job keeps a man in a rut
C G CSo hurrah for the swag and the shiner
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