Gordon Bok – The Maiden In Birds Plumage chords

Dm  Am

Dm AmIt was Nilus Erlandson
Dm GmRode forth the deer to take
Dm Bb AmAnd there he saw the lily-white hind
Dm Am Dm AmThat ran through bush and brake
Dm AmHe chased her, Nilus Erlandson
Dm GmThat longed for her so sore
Dm Bb AmBut swift was she, and still did flee
Dm GmFor three days' space and more, more
Dm Am DmFor three days' space and more
AmNow snares he set on every path
Dm GmWhere'er a beast might go
Dm Bb AmBut all so wise was the lily-white hind
Dm Am Dm AmThat he could not take her so
Dm AmSir Nilus all through the greenwood
Dm GmRode and rode in vain
Dm Bb AmHis hounds loosed he by two, by three
Dm GmTo run her down a-main, main
Dm Am DmTo run her down a-main
AmNow can she spy no way to fly
Dm GmSo hot the hounds pursue
Dm Bb AmHer shape she changed to a falcon fierce
Dm Am Dm AmAnd aloft in the air she flew
Dm AmHer shape she changed to a falcon fleet
Dm GmAnd perched on a linden green
Dm Bb AmAnd under the boughs Sir Nilus stood
Dm GmAnd sighed for toil and tane, tane
Dm AmAnd sighed for toil and tane
Dm AmSir Nilus has taken his axe in his hand
Dm GmTo fell the linden tree
Dm Bb AmWhen forth there sprang a forester
Dm Am Dm AmThat smote the haft in three
Dm Am"Oh, would you take my father's wood
Dm GmAnd all to do me wrong
Dm Bb AmFor I promise thee, Nilus Erlandson
Dm GmThat thou shalt rue it long, long!
Dm AmThat thou shalt rue it long!"
Dm Am"Oh, let me take this single tree
Dm GmThis tree alone of thine
Dm Bb AmFor but I can take the falcon fell
Dm Am Dm AmI die of toil and pain!"
Dm Am"Oh, hark and heed, thou fair young knight
Dm GmThis counsel that I bring
Dm Bb AmNe'er shalt thou take her till she taste
Dm GmThe blood of a tamed thing, thing!
Dm Am DmThe blood of a tamed thing!"
AmA gobbet he cut of his bleeding breast
Dm GmRight bitter pain he knew
Dm Bb AmShe flapped her wings and down she fell
Dm Am Dm AmAnd on the bait she flew
Dm AmShe flapped her wings and down she flew
Dm GmAnd on the bait she fell
Dm Bb AmAnd she changed her shape to the fairest maid
Dm GmThat ever a tongue can tell, tell
Dm Am DmThat ever a tongue can tell
AmShe stood in a sark of silk so red
Dm GmWhere the linden tree did grow
Dm Bb AmAnd in the arms of Nilus Erlandson
Dm Am Dm AmShe told her word of woe
Dm Am"I sat and broidered lily and rose
Dm GmMy father's board beside
Dm Bb AmWhen in there came my dear stepdame
Dm GmWhose wrath was ill to bide, bide
Dm AmWhose wrath was ill to bide"
Dm Am"My shape she changed to the lily-white hind
Dm GmTo run in wild greenwood
Dm Bb AmAnd my seven maidens to seven grey wolves
Dm Am Dm AmAnd bade them drink my blood"
Dm AmThe damsel stood 'neath the linden tree
Dm GmAnd loosed her golden hair
Dm Bb AmAnd then there came, what erst were wolves
Dm GmBut now were maidens fair, fair
Dm Am DmBut now were maidens fair
Am"Oh, thanks to thee, Nilus Erlandson!
Dm GmHast saved me from hurt and harm
Dm Bb AmNever shalt thou seek thy slumber
Dm Am Dm AmBut on my lily-white arm"
Dm Am"Oh, thanks to thee, Nilus Erlandson
Dm GmHast set my sorrow to rest!
Dm Bb AmNever shalt thou seek thy slumber
Dm GmBut on my lily-white breast, breast
Dm AmBut on my lily-white breast"
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