Gordon Bok – Coshieville chords

D   A   D   A

A DThe West winds blow to Coshieville
AAnd with the winds came we
E7 AAnd where the river hugs the wood
D A F#mAnd Blackthorns bloom in May, there stood
B7 EA single Rowan Tree
D A E7So young and tender, so were you
AI loved you both, as there you grew
D A F#mThe day I took the road that leads
Bm E7 A D A DBy Rannoch to the sea
AWe carved our names in Coshieville
D AThe Rowan leaves were still
E7 ABut the darkening West was in your eyes
D A F#mDespite your kisses and my lies
B7 EMy thoughts had crossed the hill
D AI broke your heart as the minutes passed
E7 AI shrugged and said that nothing lasts
D A F#mBut many the backward glance I cast
Bm E7 A D A D AAs I went North to the drill
AThe big wheels rumble up and down
D AThe lorries know the way
E7 AI waved my hand, I hitched a ride
D A F#mWe crossed the bridge at Rannoch-side
B7 EWhere the diesel motors play
D AThen I set myself to a cliff of stone
E7 AMy ears to the boring-hammer's drone
D A F#mBut the ache inside, I rued alone
Bm E7 A D A D AFor you were far away
ABut the money moved from Erichts Loch
D AAnd the Great Glen beckoned on
E7 AAt Norriston the hills grew pale
D A F#mWe fought and drank through old Kintail
B7 ETill our money soon was gone
D AAnd I curse Loch Aweside's autumn rain
E7 AThe winter whiskey in Dunblane
D A F#mTill the west winds rose in the spring again
Bm E7 A D A D AAnd my heart leapt at its song
AThen I came at last to Coshieville
D A E7With a dozen hills aflame
AYou had another hand to hold
D A F#mBeneath the names we carved of old
B7 EThere was another name
D A F#mYou looked me through, you made no sign
Bm E7 AI drank that cup of bitter wine
D A F#mFor well we knew the fault was mine
Bm E7 A D A D AAnd I went the road I came
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